Lachlan Walker & Tyson Edwards - Facing fears, adult gymnastics and Stronger | Warrior Podcast #2


Episode 2 of the Bodyweight Warrior Podcast, I am joined by the entertaining and ridiculously strong Lachlan Walker and Tyson Edwards.

Lachlan and Tyson are both content creators on YouTube who have recently released the second part of their iconic Stronger series, Stronger 2 documenting some seriously impressive gymnastic and bodyweight strength from both Lachlan and Tyson.

Lachlan Walker:
Instagram: @LachFlex

Tyson Edwards:
Instagram: @TheTysonEdwards


Intro: 1:18
Biggest obstacle with training: 7:31
Favourite exercise: 12:44
Least favourite exercise: 13:03
Proudest training achievement: 14:20
Biggest training inspiration: 17:00
Favourite fitness YouTuber: 21:20
Why do you create videos: 26:56
Importance of enjoying training: 35:25
What motivates you now: 40:04
Facing fears: 46:30
You can’t fake it: 48:30
Instagram question #1: 52:10
Instagram question #2: 56:55
Instagram question #3: 58:42
1 piece of actionable advice: 1:04:00
Where to find them: 1:09:10
Lachlan’s question: 1:12:20
Tyson’s question: 1:15:20

You can also listen and watch this conversation over on the Bodyweight Warrior YouTube channel.