Dr Jen Crane - Active Flexibility, Reducing Injury and Nerve Gliding | Warrior Podcast #3


Episode 3 of the Bodyweight Warrior Podcast, I am joined by the incredibly knowledgable Dr Jennifer Crane.

Ever since I stumbled across Jen on Instagram a while back I’ve been dying to have a proper conversation. Jen is a physical therapist, athletic trainer, board-certified orthopaedic specialist and published author. She has worked with many different athletes but most recently she worked with the Chinese Olympic teams in preparation for Rio 2016, so kind of a badass. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to mobility, flexibility, injury prevention and training for performing artists.

Buy Jen's Flexibility Programs: https://goo.gl/nQHaQF
Website: http://www.cirquephysio.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cirque_physio/


Intro: 1:12
Training and coaching background: 1:49
Inspiration for starting performing arts: 5:03
Were you always flexible?: 7:05
Flexibility and genetics: 8:53
How flexible should you be?: 10:00
Does stretching reduce injuries?: 12:00
Active vs passive flexibility: 13:15
Reducing injury risk: 14:30
Tips for recovery: 16:30
Quickfire questions: 20:00
Why use a peanut?: 24:38
Stretching with resistance bands: 27:58
Nerve gliding: 30:50
Hamstring flexibility and nerves: 35:28
How to nerve glide: 37:20
1 piece of actionable advice: 39:40
Where to find Jen: 41:10

You can also listen and watch this conversation over on the Bodyweight Warrior YouTube channel.