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Adrià Romeu,

"So at first I just wanted Tom to help me get a 30 second handstand. My balance was super bad and I could barely hold a handstand for 1 second. Not having a handstand made me feel like I sucked at calisthenics. I was already strong at pullups and pushups but the handstand thing really killed me. If some day I wanted to share my calisthenics transformation video I knew I needed get my handstand handled. Long story short, with less than 6 months I got the 30 second handstand I wanted so badly. But what’s even better is that one year later of our first conversation I was doing the Press to Handstand and Freestanding Handstand Pushups. To be honest with you I never thought I was gonna do this superhuman moves, but Tom’s routines and his tailored advice are gold. Get his coaching now before he stops doing it ;)"


Darren Platt

“For the last 2 years I have been struggling to come up with a program to achieve my many fitness goals. I work full time and I am a busy dad as well.  I never thought of using an online fitness coach before however you must understand that Tom is much much more than just that.

Tom helped me to set some achievable goals and he designed the workout and nutrition program to achieve them. The workouts were specific to my current ability and through on going support by uploading form check videos to Tom he would adapt the exercises as my ability improved and answer any other questions I had throughout.

I can only describe my mobility prior to this as poor. I have definitely put the work in however Tom has made sure that this work was quality time well spent in each session. I recently achieved palms to floor in a forward fold which is something I never even imagined would happen. Looking forward to continuing on to achieve my other goals which I now believe are completely achievable which is down to having a great coach!”


Dr Gareth Wilson

Personalised, personal, effective. These are the three best words that summarise the transformative and holistic training experience that I've had with Tom thus far. From the individualised diet plan based on my genetic background, to the lengthy interviews to assess my personal fitness needs, and tests to find the weaknesses in my kinetic chain, I have been nothing but impressed.

Tom is always available, personable, and genuinely cares for his clients. When I've been injured, he's been able to create recovery programmes specific to my needs, which have worked every time. I'm looking forward to what we can achieve together in the future, and could not recommend him highly enough.


Tom Guest

“I’ve been coached by Tom for just over a year now, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made!  I had just started to experiment with bodyweight training and handbalancing, having been in a bit of a rut with the usual weights routine, when I discovered Tom’s youtube channel.  I loved the content, the method, and the down to earth approach of his channel, so reached out for personal coaching and this is exactly what I got, and more! The programming was completely tailored to my level and goals, with constant support and feedback available, and we have even done a few face-to-face sessions, which have been awesome.  My gains over the last year have been amazing: from a max 3 second banana handstand I’m closing in on 60s, with a very solid line, and I got my straddle press to handstand a few months ago :-D  On the mobility side I still can’t believe where I’m at: my hips in particular were really limited, but I now have an almost(!) flat pancake, full front splits, and well on my way to middle splits.  Have loved the journey so far, and looking forward to more gains to come..!”