Medium Band Exercises

Resistance bands have been an essential part of my training for years and they have many different uses. To get you started, here are 3 of my favourite exercises that I use almost every session.

Banded Pull Ups

Bands can be used to provide assistance on moves you're close to achieving or ones that you need a little help. Banded pull ups are a great example as it can help you perform more reps or your first rep and accumulate more volume whilst training. This concept can be used on movements like dips, planche holds and even the front lever. 

Perform: 2-4 sets x 5-15 reps

Banded Push Ups

Bands can also be used to make exercises harder. Push ups are a brilliant exercise for building strong pushing strength but can quickly become easy for many athletes. By looping a band over your back you can add an additional 5-15kg resistance to increase the intensity. This is a great alternative to weighted push ups when there is limited equipment or during travels.

Perform: 2-4 sets x 5-15 reps

Horizontal Rows

This band is also the perfect travel tool when you have limited access to gyms, bars or equipment. It can be used to perform any pulling movement and all you need is an anchor point. It can also be used to perform movements like military press as well as bicep and tricep work.

Perform: 2-4 sets x 5-15 reps