Heavy Band Exercises

Resistance bands have been an essential part of my training for years and they have many different uses. To get you started, here are 3 of my favourite exercises that I use almost every session.

Shoulder Distraction

An exercise I originally saw demonstrated by Athlean X and it is a great example of a shoulder distraction. This exercise pulls the shoulder into max external rotation and when combined with that distraction can provide a great stretch to open the chest, create more space in the joint and improve range of motion.

Perform: 1-3 sets x 45-60s

Hamstring Distraction

A common complaint I hear from people working on improving their hamstring range of motion is a pinching in the front of the hip which is often caused by bone on bone limitations. This distraction helps pull the head of the femur back into the socket to create more room in the joint and improve your hamstring stretching.

Perform: 1-3 sets x 60-120s

Frog Pose Distraction

Much like the hamstring distraction, this exercise works on positioning the femur better in the socket and creating more space in the joint to improve hip abduction. This exercise is a personal go to during my middle split warm up.

Perform: 1-3 sets x 60-120s